Media for Everyone, by Everyone

APRES is a Blockchain Based Decentralized Press Platform

Bridging the gap between time, event, report, access and response. With zero subscription fees we empower Users to publish, read, review, comment and Earn. Putting governments, organizations, humanity and society in-check. We are determined to stand up for the truth, because we don't beg, but fight to maintain freedom of speech, news and information access.

A Network you can Trust

APRES, connecting people and communities. Issuing news update and report by the people for their communities and the globe. Granting persons with the authority to report, telling each Story as it is whilst protecting their identity and location.


Built on bitcoin cryptography, records file names, hash, user site cryptographical signature, therefore seeded and processed for encryption. Ensuring user profiles and account anonymity, completely secure with zero hosting fee.

Self sustained, enabled offline browsing for seeders, user anonymity, requires no servers, secured recordkeeping with enabled payment.

Press by Everyone

A community owned press network, giving users the authority to publish, review, comment and make a difference. Whilst rewarding users with APS token, as bounty, contribution and support. A truly decentralized network to reckon with, providing peer to peer conectivity.

APS Token

A social currency Processing fast transaction at a low cost. Designed to reward, confer, encourage and enrich persons contributing to the network whether as bounty, wage, donation or pledge. Making sending and receiving money fun and rewarding.

exchanges coming soon!



-Founder & CEO-

Economics professional focused on developing and streamlining procedures & finding innovatice and cost-effective solutions & finding innovative and cost-effective solutions.


-Head of Design-

Highly experienced in UI/UX Design, Branding, Prototyping & Strategy for large scalable platforms. He has co-founded a world first property ecosystem for the Real Estaet industry.


-Lead Developer-

Proactive IT Systems Developer with experience in back-end & front-end web programming, relational databases, development & maintanance of complex web systems.


-Systems Engineer-

Living in Belgium currently working for a cloud provider & has a master in electronics. Since graduating has worked as a systems engineer for Windows & Linux.

Let's Get In Touch!

Are you interested or curious in Apres? That's great! Send us an email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Or contact us through social media.